Common problems with Vita?

Discussion in 'PS Vita - Console, Accessories and Hardware' started by chairsgotoschool, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. chairsgotoschool

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    Jan 19, 2014
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    Hello I can get a pretty good deal on the vita, $188 for a 3g/wifi walking dead bundle with 4gb memory card, a case/stand thing, and a choice of 1 game. (most likely I'll get little big planet)

    Before I get it I was wondering if there are any problems I should keep a look out for. Something like the 3ds (and ds lite, dsi/xl and 3dsxl) shoulder buttons going out. slots, ports, cables, buttons breaking, high chance of battery failure, data corruption stuff like that. I know every system is going to have those problems but does the vita get one more frequent than it should?

    I'm kind of on the fence about buying it, I do want one but it is a lot of money and I was thinking it might be worth it to wait for a new model (though I'm not interested in the slim one because I love the OLED screen, unless it's cheaper but it doesn't sound like it would be)

    Lastly, off topic but I haven't followed vita much and looking at articles and videos everyone just posts the same stuff. what games (preferable lesser known games, not borderlands 2 or minecraft kind of stuff) do you love and/or are looking forward too. I heard binding of issac was coming to vita which would be awesome.

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    That really is a good deal! I higly recommend that you also get PS+. Try it out for three months, so you really get a good idea of how and what it is. The games I bought when I got my PS Vita where Disgaea 3 and Persona 4: Golden.
    I also got myself the 8GB MegaPack, which has quite some games, and also comes with an 8GB memory card. I got mine for €16, while it normally is around €39,99. So get that too if it's available in your country. With the megapack and PS+ you'll definitely be ready for a while.
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    Hardware wise, i dont really know of any real problems, but you will run out of room on your 4 gig card pretty quick. If you are ok with swapping games on and off as you get them, no biggie, but to have your collection (especially with PS+) you will be needing another propitiatory memory card.
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    The Mura effect is the most common problem I can think of.
    The rear touchpad is also very easy to scratch. Not much else I can think of.
    Looking forward to trying out many games this year for Vita. Dangan Ronpa is currently on the top of my "Must get" list.
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