Coldboot reliability?

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    As somebody who still hasn't transitioned from 4.5 to 9.2 sysnand (because it's so damn confusing) to use menuhax, I've recently discovered such a new category as the reliability (or lack thereof) of coldbooting straight into emunand.

    What exactly does it imply and what's the most reliable way of entering emunand right away?

    Right now, not only do I have to waste time launching RxTools through one of the 3 online links via the browser (which randomly resists my attempts on one or more link), but I have to wait for the 'Installation Suite' to install again each time for around 1 minute. When done, my games aren't there on emunand Home screen, and I need to enter the BigBlueMenu, exit it to Home, then unwrap my games (that appear only at this stage for some reason) so that I can finally play them. Quite a lengthy process every time I want to play.

    I know this is not the first thread I've started on this topic, but I really want to get to the bottom of this and figure out what will work for myself. Do the unreliable ways (menuhax apparently being one of them?) occasionally fail to load into emunand immediately? I imagine I'd appreciate just the ability to skip the installation suite and BBM / gift unwrapping each time I play, at this point, though going into emunand directly certainly sounds convenient.
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    Coldbooting in O3DS is pretty reliable using Menuhax 2.0, it's boot rate is 9/10 times in my experineces with 5 O3DS systems so far.

    The N3DS gets a little buggier but that's another topic.

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    I have a few videos so you can see it in action:

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    Sounds like your emunand and sysnand is still linked. (you mentioned having to unwrap apps repeatedly). If that's the case menuhax won't work for you if you intend to use it to boot into emunand. You need to unlink them first. Usually formatting sysnand is how people unlink them. Is your sysnand linked to an NNID? If it is, you will have to use an eShop spoof method to relink it after formatting since your emunand NNID won't work until you relink. (as doing a format forces you to unlink that NAND from your NNID. Though one way is to create a backup of your current emunand, then format emunand and relink that. Then restore your emunand backup. This gets around having to try relinking NNID on sysnand if sysnand presents you with problems.)

    It's possible to have both sysnand and emunand linked to the same NNID and still have them unlinked from eachother. Usually this requires an eShop spoof or manual editing of the movable.sed file on one of the nands. I did this when restoring a backup of a emunand from a different 3DS to my 3DS XL. I then migrated the emunand it replaced to sysnand to use as my 9.2 sysnand. Currently have two linked nands but they aren't linked to each other. :D
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    The Installation Suite constantly happening is due to the firmware.bin/firm files, it's not what's suppose to happen. You should redownload them or use a newer rxtools build altogether.

    Games not showing up in Emunand is usually due to having games from a region different from your own 3DS (i.e. US CIA on a EU 3DS).
    Having to unwrap games is usually due to having linked nands, and/or different region games (as mentioned)

    Menuhax can be pretty reliable, it can work 9/10 if done properly.
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