COD Black op loading hang.. Forum says mload 224 needed..

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    [​IMG] Greets Dudes,,, Very pleasant Turkey Day to you all..... Gobble Gobble !!! I having a issue here getting COD Black OPs to play on my friends softmodded Wii. Its gets to loading screen and hangs... On the forum, it says I need to set options 249 to (mload 224). However, when I go to that section in the options menu and hit the right arrow it tells me mload 224 cannot be found on this system.. I have another Wii that was updated through the same update guide on this site and that one has that option.. available... and that did fix the hang problem... [​IMG] What do I need to do to fix this problem or is there some workaround... ?? Thanks aLL... [​IMG]
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    I forgot about how to get mload 224 but I use 224 and i still get the loading hang.. have you tried the new profile t rick? you make another account, go online in that then back out and go online on the original account.