Clean you Wii messageboard without formatting

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    Feb 7, 2010
    This is a way to clean your Messageboard without having to format you Wii system.
    To be clear: you will NOT save any space on your Wii nand.
    The space reserved for the message board will always be 20mb regardless of it containing any information.
    This is purely a way to clean you messageboard and a way to fix a "mailbrick".

    step 1: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PROPER BRICK PROTECTION BEFORE ATTEMPTING THIS PROCEDURE! preferably bootmii@boot2 with a recent bootmii nand dump at hand.

    step 2: Create a NAND with modmii nand builder to obtain a clean cdb.vff file(this is the file that contains all wiimessageboard data) standard location: C:/Modmii/copy_to_usb:/nands/pl_eu/ title/00000001/00000002/data/cdb.vff ( 20mb )

    (if you are gonna use Wiiexplorer, copy cdb.vff to your sd on a location where you can easily find it later in step 4)

    step 3 : On your Wii, dump cdb.vff with fstoolboxmini. This file is saved to the FStoolbox folder on the ROOT of your SD card SD :/FStoolbox/ title/00000001/00000002/data/cdb.vff (20mb)
    You can optionally save this file if you ever want to restore an older messageboard.

    step 4 : Replace the dumped cdb.vff on your sd card with the one you created from modmii using Wiixplorer or your PC ( you could keep the clean file safe for future reference)

    step 5 : Flash the fresh cdb.vff to your nand with fstoolboxmini. ( browse to cdb.vff and press + button) title/00000001/00000002/data/cdb.vff

    Result: a perfectly clean messageboard.

    Apps and tools:

    Modmii :
    FStoolboxmini :
    Wiiexplorer: (optional)

    PS: Is it legally allowed for fresh cdb.vff to be shared?
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    Nice Post! I've been struggling with this issue for awhile now. My Wii originally bricked during a system update and I was still able to get in using maintenance mode. I used Bathaxx to softmod and since then, I've been trying to fix whatever caused the issue without losing all my data.

    P.S. I hope it's legal because I'm not able to create a clean cdb.vff on my mac, so if someone can upload one, that would be awesome.
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    There's a link to the blank cdb.vff file :lol:

    Just did this on my Wii U's vWii and it worked great, nice guide.


    That's from USA region, I'm not sure if it matters but if you have a PAL console you might want to verify it works.
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