clarification on wii u hacks, advice request

Discussion in 'Wii U - Hacking & Backup Loaders' started by DeathGrind, Jan 17, 2017.

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    Hi all. After months and months of reading a bit here and there about the wii u hacks, i finally caved and purchased one to tinker with :) should arrive in a week or so. I enjoy this kind of thing, and am just looking for some guidance on the most current way. I noticed there are about 3 definitive guides pinned, which one is the best to follow?

    I am reading about the USB loader via WUPInstaller, that process seems pretty straight forward, and will keep me entertained for a bit. From reading i assume this doesn't require any CFW to use, just the kernel exploit and homebrew launcher. This seems like a good place to start.

    Eventually I will want to get into DLC and virtual console stuff, but this is where things get hazy to me. From my understanding to use DLC and VC something needs to be done with sig checks, and that why CFW is needed. I am wondering what is the best CFW for the wii u currently, and the process to install it. Also, from my understanding CFW needs to be loaded via CFW booter, I could be wrong about this. Is there a native booting CFW yet? I also assume to install custom channels (ie, Homebrew Launcher) a CFW is required.

    The last thing i tinkered with was the a9lh for my 3ds, I really enjoyed the 3ds hacking process and outcome :) With the 3ds I tinkered with it and kept up with current hacks and CFW's. There were many CFW's for the 3ds, but since i followed along with them it wasn't to bad understanding. I'm pretty lost in the wii u scene though :(

    I have hacked every system I own when they can be since my original xbox. I just had to refresh my memory and update my friends jtaged 360, it had been years since I did anything with the 360, but all ended well.

    I like to gather the files i need and bookmark pages with relevant information about the process I will be doing. Read about it a few times to completely understand. So any help/advice, direction to recommended guides will be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks for your time
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