Cia undubbed game vs. another undub of the same game type Save file question!?

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    so i will state an example lets say both games are the same yeah, but the thing is each has a different thing in it and i want to use the other version of the undub but the cia has a different uniqueID

    e.g lets say one has xx009966400 and the other has xx00124200< code and i used SDF and backed up the save file of my first undub cia game which is the 99664< i exported the save to my sd to use it on my other version of the undub which is 124xx ,

    and since it has a different uniqueID i assume it obviously wont work yeah?

    if so how do i go on to fix this? do i simply rename the whole content of the save file directory UniqueID into the new UniqueID !? or will this not work, thanks in advance :)
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