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    I have a 3DS with a corrupted emuNAND (I didnt backup the emuNAND...), and I have to restore the emuNAND using the sysNAND backup (9.2.0), now the games on emuNAND are marked with an X and cannot be deleted, and I cant backup the saves. When I enter on sysNAND data management the games appear as nothing (? and 0 blocks).

    What can I do?
    How Can I backup the saves?
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    Back up your entire SD card first.

    Given that if the sysnand you're injecting is the same as your that lost emunand,
    (As in wasn't unlinked)
    Simply reinstall the games

    After that, you should be able to get the saves back using savedatafiler or jksavemanager to extract the save
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