CIA created of game cart enforcing system update through download play

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    So I ran into an interesting issue the other day.

    I've recently converted my 3DS and my kids over to the latest custom firmware (Luma3DS v5.5 running 11.0 on sysNAND.) My legitimate carts have been ripped into CIA's using Simple 3DS CIA Converter without using the FW Spoof option. Their friends wanted to play Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon ScareScraper and attempted to do so through Download Play connecting a non-hacked 3DS running system version 8.1.0U. By doing so, however, a new message popped up when the room was created on firmware 11.0 through the CIA version of the game saying, "Download Play is not possible using a Nintendo 3DS client that has an old system version." When a connection was attempted through the Download Play client, the system update prompt popped onto the system requiring system version 11.0. They were smart enough to decline the update.

    How can we play a game through Download Play without going through the aforementioned update with friends? I know my physical copy of Luigi's Mansion has firmware 4.5U installed from updating my consoles with it in the past. Do I need to downgrade my 3DS to a firmware that doesn't enforce this Download Play "feature"? If the solution breaks online play, I prefer playing with friends locally anyway, so I wouldn't mind. If otherwise, bonus points!

    As an interesting note: I decided to try running the same scenario using the physical cart instead of using the CIA installed version on the 3DS running Luma3DS firmware 11.0 as the host. The previous "Download Play is not possible" message did not show up this time, and the system update was not forced on the older systems as before. It seems like the CIA version of the same physical cart is flipping some switch that is requiring a system update whenever a download play session is attempted. Using this option as a temporary solution for now.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    Is not the cia prompting the update to 11.0 firmware... It's the 11.0 system doing it...

    To download play an isntalled game (eShop/cia) the 2 systems need to be in the same firmware, so the 11.0 is asking the 8.1 to update to use its installed software.
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    If you have one cart, and one stock firmware system, just use the cart to do regular local play.
    It's a workaround, I know, but there you go. :P