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    I'm not sure if everybody knows how to, but I've seen a few people in the Chrono Trigger release thread still asking how to get this up and working for cards like my DSLinker and other N-Card clones.

    It's very simple. Just apply a patch to a CLEAN, FRESH copy. And transfer onto the card, set it up to EEPROM 512kb and you're away.

    # Grab the patch here:

    Grab a copy of Chrono Trigger (NA). Not (J). Don't ask me where.

    Unzip/whatever the .nds file into a folder. Unzip/whatever the patch files into that same folder (you should get a .bat, .exe and one other file). Double click the .bat file and a command window pops up then auto disappears and a new .nds file should pop up. Transfer THAT onto your card and you're good to go (after selecting the right savetype). Enjoy.
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