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    Dec 24, 2007
    I found this site - - You are able to get free gifts from them like a PSP, DS, Wii, 360 etc etc. Whatever floats your boat. All you have to do is try a Offer of theirs. Me for example, i'm doing the LoveFilm 30 day FREE trial (all of this is free). In 30 days i just cancel my subscription and i dont pay anything. Simples, also by getting 27 of you awesome people to do the same, i get a FREE (caps coz its special [​IMG] and sticks in Your MINDZ) iPhone 3G S (you can do the same).
    So you might be thinking, this is a scam.. why would a site give out free expensive stuff.
    They make money from us, by us trying LoveFilm, LoveFilm pays the kudosnetwork and with some of that money they pay for your gift! So its win - win !
    If you still think its a scam, what can we possibly lose? You dont pay anything at all, and LoveFilm is a well trusted website, its the only site where u need credit card details. KudosNetwork only needs your address, so they are able to send you, your well earned prize [​IMG].

    So, still think its a scam, i cant do anything more to persuade you to give it a go. Thanks for reading.
    If you want to have a go then please use this link:

    Thanks guys, you all pwn [​IMG]

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