cheats do not work

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by Grombo, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Grombo

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    Aug 25, 2008
    sorry to waste ur time, i was just rly stupid, i had action replay disable in the patches menu.
    please delete this topic

    i've downloaded the ultimate cheats package .dat file and all that, put them on my ds under _ak2/cheats
    i press X on pokemon diamond, then go DB select, choose the said cheats file, hit rebuild and when its done all the cheats pop up.
    i go down to the master ball x999 and press X on it, then there is a [0] next to it instead of the [X] that was there.

    then i press a to save, when i launch pokemon, and get in game, i press L+R like it says but nothing happens.
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    Yeah. to be honest I don't like the patches all starting as disabled, since it typically is the first "problem" many have (and I'm not laying blame, I'm saying it shouldn't be).

    But I know if we turned it on by default (soft-reset, cheats, etc.) it'd lead to some thins not working from the start.

    I think worst case scenario we just make a stupid "splash screen" that runs on first boot (of a clean install) that simply says like "welcome, please remember patches are disabled by default"

    but that would require yet another globalsetting and Norm's sick of me making more [​IMG]
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    Ideally, stick the information in the readme and leave it at that. But we all know how many people browse the readmes.

    It occurs to me that the majority of issues I have, I tend to resolve while on hold waiting for tech support. So I can entirely relate to this thread. Cheers.