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    Hello everybody,

    I managed to hack my Switch with Hekate and Atmosphère. So far, I used EdiZon for a few save game edits and RAM searches.
    But I have a few questions about cheating on the Switch. Besides EdiZon, I know that Checkpoint has the cheats from Sharkive, too.
    But when I open the app, I get a red screen which says that I shouldn't use it in applet mode. What does this mean?
    Furthermore, I read about SxOs but didn't really unterstand what that is. Does it have another system to cheat or a different database?
    Speaking of databases, I saw some links in the Sticky thread of this forum but I wanted to get more personal information.
    Are there already ways for real-time cheats? I really would like to have an Invincible cheat for Smash Ultimate, for the Classic mode.
    And are there any other ways to cheat? I guess I need a rundown of what's possible right now.

    Thank you very much for your help!
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    You already have Atmos and Edizon. You can do real time cheats already. Download a package of cheats from the other thread here and unzip them to your SD card (atmosphere/titles/<titleid>/cheats/<buildid of game>.txt)

    Run your game and wait for it to load once loaded press the Home button. Open Edizon and press Y to load ram editor. If you have the correct cheats added into your atmosphere folder for that particular game, then a list of cheats will show up that you can enable or disable.

    Checkpoint supports cheats but I'm not sure if Sharkive is available on the Switch that may be only for 3DS. The red overlay appears if you use the Album icon to open Homebrew loader. This is called applet mode. In this mode, Homebrew apps have access to limited RAM - hence Checkpoint's warning to warn people. You can run Homebrew loader by holding the L (or was it R) buttons while opening a game to instead launch it. However, a better solution is to install an NSP forwarder for your Homebrew app.

    -Atmosphere plus Edizon supports real time cheats
    -Cheats database found in another thread
    -Red overlay in Checkpoint is warning users to not use it in applet mode
    -Use a forwarder to launch homebrew
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