Cheat Codes AMS and Sx Os, Add and Request

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  1. dsrules

    dsrules GBAtemp Guru

    Sep 20, 2005
    it would be better if you post a save at the empty item box location, it will be faster for Retroboy to hack
  2. cheungpakwan

    cheungpakwan GBAtemp Regular

    Sep 14, 2009
    United States
    anybody here have cheat for latest bomberman r v2.2.0?
    already search here and only found cheat for v1.0.0
    [Story Mode Infinite Lives]
    580f0000 01f033d8
    580f1000 00000098
    580f1000 00000010
    780f0000 00000060
    610f0000 00000000 00000009

    [Money 9999999]
    580f0000 01ffcfe8
    580f1000 000015d0
    780f0000 00000050
    640f0000 00000000 00098967f
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  3. mannitol

    mannitol Newbie

    Jun 4, 2019
    United Kingdom
    @SkittleDash - is there a way to do this, just updating the game like the Switch firmware, with a patch or something?
  4. Retroboy

    Retroboy GBAtemp Advanced Maniac

    May 28, 2015
    Sounds like each box has its own id then but thats odd i made these codes in the save room next to the door where the door nob breaks after so mnay uses.

    I never played the game i basically passed the zombie that kills kenneth, got the sword key to get the shotgun then hit the save room near there.

    Ill look later today.
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  5. Mexilon

    Mexilon Member

    Dec 16, 2012
    Hello guys, please can someone make infinite HP on smoke and saceifice? Everytime intry myself the Game Crash. Thanks in advance, i will PayPal something
  6. ShadowOne333

    ShadowOne333 GBAtemp Guru

    Jan 17, 2013
    You're right :P
    I didn't think of that lol
    I might get a save ready later on today.
    That's weird.
    Maybe the ID that the item boxes use as default is the one from the Serum room (maybe this one is identified as the first ID in-game?), and the true IDs of each item box don't show up until Real Survivor is active.
    It's a possibility, but it would be interesting to see in detail what is going on with the boxes in that mode.
  7. dsrules

    dsrules GBAtemp Guru

    Sep 20, 2005
    there are more than 1 item box in Survival Mode, he said the cheats only work on 1 item box, the address for the other item box might be different
  8. frostii

    frostii GBAtemp Regular

    Jun 24, 2009
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    Brisbane, Australia
    Hi all,
    Just wondering if a cheat code was possible/available to unlock all 151 Pokemon in Let's Go Pikachu?
    I'm at 120, don't want to stuff around trading / Pokemon GO / etc to get the last few.....
    Thanks in advance!
  9. Tere Valentin

    Tere Valentin GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Nov 21, 2015
    United States
    You have to use the save editor for that. No such cheat was made.
  10. Deobulakenyo

    Deobulakenyo GBAtemp Regular

    Oct 8, 2018
    Does anyone have a save file where all costumes are unlocked in RE Remaster?
  11. narukyuubito

    narukyuubito Advanced Member

    Sep 29, 2015
    resident evil revelations 2 please
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  12. Famicon

    Famicon GBAtemp Fan

    Sep 24, 2013
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    How about Invincibility/0 damage/inf stamina for smash ultimate offline?
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  13. shideravan

    shideravan GBAtemp Regular

    Apr 8, 2013
    Could you create codes for Odallus: The Dark Call?
    Invincibility would be very welcome!
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  14. Asuna29

    Asuna29 Newbie

    Jun 6, 2019
    MHGU please :'<
  15. redrum30

    redrum30 Member

    May 17, 2018
    United States
    anything for Red Siren Space Defense?
  16. Retroboy

    Retroboy GBAtemp Advanced Maniac

    May 28, 2015
    im looking at re again tonight so will see about costume mods
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  17. Retroboy

    Retroboy GBAtemp Advanced Maniac

    May 28, 2015
    Resident Evil HD All Weapons/Items in crate (Real Survivor Mode)

    011F0000 1e7a0c2c 00000001
    011F0000 1e7a093c 00000001
    011F0000 1e7a0944 00000002
    011F0000 1e7a094c 00000003
    021F0000 1E7A0950 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A0954 00000004
    021F0000 1E7A0958 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A095C 00000005
    011F0000 1E7A0964 00000006
    021F0000 1E7A0968 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A096C 00000007
    021F0000 1E7A0970 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A0974 00000008
    021F0000 1E7A0978 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A097C 00000009
    021F0000 1E7A0980 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A0984 0000000A
    021F0000 1E7A0988 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A098C 0000000B
    021F0000 1E7A0990 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A0994 0000000C
    021F0000 1E7A0998 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A099C 0000000D
    021F0000 1E7A09A0 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A09A4 0000000E
    011F0000 1E7A09AC 0000000F
    021F0000 1E7A09B0 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A09B4 00000010
    021F0000 1E7A09B8 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A09BC 00000011
    021F0000 1E7A09C0 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A09C4 00000012
    021F0000 1E7A09C8 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A09CC 00000013
    021F0000 1E7A09D0 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A09D4 00000014
    021F0000 1E7A09D8 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A09DC 00000015
    011F0000 1E7A09E4 00000016
    011F0000 1E7A09EC 00000017
    011F0000 1E7A09F4 00000018
    011F0000 1E7A09FC 00000019
    021F0000 1E7A09F8 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A09FC 0000001A
    011F0000 1E7A09F4 0000001B
    021F0000 1E7A09F8 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A0a04 0000001C
    011F0000 1E7A0a0C 0000001D
    011F0000 1E7A0a14 0000001E
    011F0000 1E7A0a1C 0000001F
    011F0000 1E7A0a24 00000020
    011F0000 1E7A0a2C 00000021
    011F0000 1E7A0a34 00000022
    011F0000 1E7A0a3C 00000023
    011F0000 1E7A0a44 00000024
    011F0000 1E7A0a4C 00000025
    011F0000 1E7A0a54 00000026
    011F0000 1E7A0a5C 00000027
    011F0000 1E7A0a64 00000028
    011F0000 1E7A0a6C 00000029
    011F0000 1E7A0a74 0000002A
    011F0000 1E7A0a7C 0000002B
    011F0000 1E7A0a84 0000002C
    021F0000 1E7A0a88 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A0a8C 0000002D
    011F0000 1E7A0a94 0000002E
    011F0000 1E7A0a9C 0000002F
    011F0000 1E7A0aA4 00000030
    011F0000 1E7A0aAC 00000031
    011F0000 1E7A0aB4 00000032
    011F0000 1E7A0aBC 00000033
    011F0000 1E7A0aC4 00000034
    011F0000 1E7A0aCC 00000035
    011F0000 1E7A0aD4 00000036
    011F0000 1E7A0aDC 00000037
    011F0000 1E7A0aE4 00000036
    011F0000 1E7A0aEC 00000037
    011F0000 1E7A0aF4 00000038
    011F0000 1E7A0aFC 00000039
    011F0000 1E7A0b04 0000003A
    011F0000 1E7A0b0C 0000003B
    011F0000 1E7A0b14 0000003C
    011F0000 1E7A0b1C 0000003D
    011F0000 1E7A0b24 0000003E
    011F0000 1E7A0b2C 0000003F
    011F0000 1E7A0b34 00000040
    011F0000 1E7A0b3C 00000041
    011F0000 1E7A0b44 00000042
    011F0000 1E7A0b4C 00000043
    011F0000 1E7A0b54 00000044
    021F0000 1E7A0b58 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A0b5C 00000045
    011F0000 1E7A0b64 00000046
    011F0000 1E7A0b6C 00000047
    011F0000 1E7A0b74 00000048
    011F0000 1E7A0b7C 00000049
    011F0000 1E7A0b84 0000004A
    011F0000 1E7A0b8C 0000004B
    011F0000 1E7A0b94 0000004C
    011F0000 1E7A0b9C 0000004D
    011F0000 1E7A0bA4 0000004E
    011F0000 1E7A0bAC 0000004F
    011F0000 1E7A0bB4 00000050
    011F0000 1E7A0bBC 00000051
    011F0000 1E7A0bC4 00000052
    011F0000 1E7A0bCC 00000053
    011F0000 1E7A0bD4 00000054
    011F0000 1E7A0bDC 00000055
    011F0000 1E7A0bE4 00000056
    011F0000 1E7A0bEC 00000057
    011F0000 1E7A0bF4 00000058
    011F0000 1E7A0bFC 00000059
    011F0000 1E7A0bFC 0000005A
    011F0000 1E7A0c04 0000005B
    011F0000 1E7A0c0C 0000005C
    011F0000 1E7A0c14 0000005D
    011F0000 1E7A0c1C 0000005E
    011F0000 1E7A0c24 0000005F
    011F0000 1E7A0c2C 00000060
    011F0000 1E7A0c34 00000061
    011F0000 1E7A0c3C 00000062
    011F0000 1E7A0c44 00000063
    011F0000 1E7A0c4C 00000064
    011F0000 1E7A0c54 00000065
    011F0000 1E7A0c5C 00000066
    011F0000 1E7A0c64 00000067
    011F0000 1E7A0c6C 00000068
    011F0000 1E7A0c74 00000069
    011F0000 1E7A0c7C 0000006A
    011F0000 1E7A0c84 0000006B
    011F0000 1E7A0c8C 0000006C
    011F0000 1E7A0c94 0000006D
    011F0000 1E7A0c9C 0000006E
    011F0000 1E7A0cA4 00000073
    011F0000 1E7A0cAC 00000074
    011F0000 1E7A0cB4 00000075
    011F0000 1E7A0cBC 00000076
    011F0000 1E7A0cC4 00000077
    011F0000 1E7A0cCC 00000078
    011F0000 1E7A0cD4 00000079
    011F0000 1E7A0cDC 0000007A
    011F0000 1E7A0cE4 0000007B
    011F0000 1E7A0cEC 0000007C
    011F0000 1E7A0cF4 0000007D
    011F0000 1E7A0cFC 0000007E
    011F0000 1E7A0c04 0000007F
    011F0000 1E7A0c0C 00000080
    011F0000 1E7A0c14 00000081
    011F0000 1E7A0c1C 00000083
    011F0000 1E7A0c24 00000084

    011F0000 1e7a013c 00000001
    011F0000 1e7a0144 00000002
    011F0000 1e7a014c 00000003
    021F0000 1E7A0150 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A0154 00000004
    021F0000 1E7A0158 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A015C 00000005
    011F0000 1E7A0164 00000006
    021F0000 1E7A0168 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A016C 00000007
    021F0000 1E7A0170 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A0174 00000008
    021F0000 1E7A0178 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A017C 00000009
    021F0000 1E7A0180 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A0184 0000000A
    021F0000 1E7A0188 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A018C 0000000B
    021F0000 1E7A0190 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A0194 0000000C
    021F0000 1E7A0198 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A019C 0000000D
    021F0000 1E7A01A0 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A01A4 0000000E
    011F0000 1E7A01AC 0000000F
    021F0000 1E7A01B0 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A01B4 00000010
    021F0000 1E7A01B8 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A01BC 00000011
    021F0000 1E7A01C0 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A01C4 00000012
    021F0000 1E7A01C8 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A01CC 00000013
    021F0000 1E7A01D0 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A01D4 00000014
    021F0000 1E7A01D8 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A01DC 00000015
    011F0000 1E7A01E4 00000016
    011F0000 1E7A01EC 00000017
    011F0000 1E7A01F4 00000018
    011F0000 1E7A01FC 00000019
    021F0000 1E7A01F8 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A01FC 0000001A
    011F0000 1E7A01F4 0000001B
    021F0000 1E7A01F8 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A0204 0000001C
    011F0000 1E7A020C 0000001D
    011F0000 1E7A0214 0000001E
    011F0000 1E7A021C 0000001F
    011F0000 1E7A0224 00000020
    011F0000 1E7A022C 00000021
    011F0000 1E7A0234 00000022
    011F0000 1E7A023C 00000023
    011F0000 1E7A0244 00000024
    011F0000 1E7A024C 00000025
    011F0000 1E7A0254 00000026
    011F0000 1E7A025C 00000027
    011F0000 1E7A0264 00000028
    011F0000 1E7A026C 00000029
    011F0000 1E7A0274 0000002A
    011F0000 1E7A027C 0000002B
    011F0000 1E7A0284 0000002C
    021F0000 1E7A0288 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A028C 0000002D
    011F0000 1E7A0294 0000002E
    011F0000 1E7A029C 0000002F
    011F0000 1E7A02A4 00000030
    011F0000 1E7A02AC 00000031
    011F0000 1E7A02B4 00000032
    011F0000 1E7A02BC 00000033
    011F0000 1E7A02C4 00000034
    011F0000 1E7A02CC 00000035
    011F0000 1E7A02D4 00000036
    011F0000 1E7A02DC 00000037
    011F0000 1E7A02E4 00000036
    011F0000 1E7A02EC 00000037
    011F0000 1E7A02F4 00000038
    011F0000 1E7A02FC 00000039
    011F0000 1E7A0304 0000003A
    011F0000 1E7A030C 0000003B
    011F0000 1E7A0314 0000003C
    011F0000 1E7A031C 0000003D
    011F0000 1E7A0324 0000003E
    011F0000 1E7A032C 0000003F
    011F0000 1E7A0334 00000040
    011F0000 1E7A033C 00000041
    011F0000 1E7A0344 00000042
    011F0000 1E7A034C 00000043
    011F0000 1E7A0354 00000044
    021F0000 1E7A0358 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A035C 00000045
    011F0000 1E7A0364 00000046
    011F0000 1E7A036C 00000047
    011F0000 1E7A0374 00000048
    011F0000 1E7A037C 00000049
    011F0000 1E7A0384 0000004A
    011F0000 1E7A038C 0000004B
    011F0000 1E7A0394 0000004C
    011F0000 1E7A039C 0000004D
    011F0000 1E7A03A4 0000004E
    011F0000 1E7A03AC 0000004F
    011F0000 1E7A03B4 00000050
    011F0000 1E7A03BC 00000051
    011F0000 1E7A03C4 00000052
    011F0000 1E7A03CC 00000053
    011F0000 1E7A03D4 00000054
    011F0000 1E7A03DC 00000055
    011F0000 1E7A03E4 00000056
    011F0000 1E7A03EC 00000057
    011F0000 1E7A03F4 00000058
    011F0000 1E7A03FC 00000059
    011F0000 1E7A03FC 0000005A
    011F0000 1E7A0404 0000005B
    011F0000 1E7A040C 0000005C
    011F0000 1E7A0414 0000005D
    011F0000 1E7A041C 0000005E
    011F0000 1E7A0424 0000005F
    011F0000 1E7A042C 00000060
    011F0000 1E7A0434 00000061
    011F0000 1E7A043C 00000062
    011F0000 1E7A0444 00000063
    011F0000 1E7A044C 00000064
    011F0000 1E7A0454 00000065
    011F0000 1E7A045C 00000066
    011F0000 1E7A0464 00000067
    011F0000 1E7A046C 00000068
    011F0000 1E7A0474 00000069
    011F0000 1E7A047C 0000006A
    011F0000 1E7A0484 0000006B
    011F0000 1E7A048C 0000006C
    011F0000 1E7A0494 0000006D
    011F0000 1E7A049C 0000006E
    011F0000 1E7A04A4 00000073
    011F0000 1E7A04AC 00000074
    011F0000 1E7A04B4 00000075
    011F0000 1E7A04BC 00000076
    011F0000 1E7A04C4 00000077
    011F0000 1E7A04CC 00000078
    011F0000 1E7A04D4 00000079
    011F0000 1E7A04DC 0000007A
    011F0000 1E7A04E4 0000007B
    011F0000 1E7A04EC 0000007C
    011F0000 1E7A04F4 0000007D
    011F0000 1E7A04FC 0000007E
    011F0000 1E7A0504 0000007F
    011F0000 1E7A050C 00000080
    011F0000 1E7A0514 00000081
    011F0000 1E7A051C 00000083
    011F0000 1E7A0524 00000084

    [ALTAR B1]
    011F0000 1e7a293c 00000001
    011F0000 1e7a2944 00000002
    011F0000 1e7a294c 00000003
    021F0000 1E7A2950 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A2954 00000004
    021F0000 1E7A2958 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A295C 00000005
    011F0000 1E7A2964 00000006
    021F0000 1E7A2968 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A296C 00000007
    021F0000 1E7A2970 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A2974 00000008
    021F0000 1E7A2978 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A297C 00000009
    021F0000 1E7A2980 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A2984 0000000A
    021F0000 1E7A2988 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A298C 0000000B
    021F0000 1E7A2990 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A2994 0000000C
    021F0000 1E7A2998 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A299C 0000000D
    021F0000 1E7A29A0 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A29A4 0000000E
    011F0000 1E7A29AC 0000000F
    021F0000 1E7A29B0 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A29B4 00000010
    021F0000 1E7A29B8 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A29BC 00000011
    021F0000 1E7A29C0 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A29C4 00000012
    021F0000 1E7A29C8 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A29CC 00000013
    021F0000 1E7A29D0 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A29D4 00000014
    021F0000 1E7A29D8 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A29DC 00000015
    011F0000 1E7A29E4 00000016
    011F0000 1E7A29EC 00000017
    011F0000 1E7A29F4 00000018
    011F0000 1E7A29FC 00000019
    021F0000 1E7A29F8 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A29FC 0000001A
    011F0000 1E7A29F4 0000001B
    021F0000 1E7A29F8 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A2a04 0000001C
    011F0000 1E7A2a0C 0000001D
    011F0000 1E7A2a14 0000001E
    011F0000 1E7A2a1C 0000001F
    011F0000 1E7A2a24 00000020
    011F0000 1E7A2a2C 00000021
    011F0000 1E7A2a34 00000022
    011F0000 1E7A2a3C 00000023
    011F0000 1E7A2a44 00000024
    011F0000 1E7A2a4C 00000025
    011F0000 1E7A2a54 00000026
    011F0000 1E7A2a5C 00000027
    011F0000 1E7A2a64 00000028
    011F0000 1E7A2a6C 00000029
    011F0000 1E7A2a74 0000002A
    011F0000 1E7A2a7C 0000002B
    011F0000 1E7A2a84 0000002C
    021F0000 1E7A2a88 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A2a8C 0000002D
    011F0000 1E7A2a94 0000002E
    011F0000 1E7A2a9C 0000002F
    011F0000 1E7A2aA4 00000030
    011F0000 1E7A2aAC 00000031
    011F0000 1E7A2aB4 00000032
    011F0000 1E7A2aBC 00000033
    011F0000 1E7A2aC4 00000034
    011F0000 1E7A2aCC 00000035
    011F0000 1E7A2aD4 00000036
    011F0000 1E7A2aDC 00000037
    011F0000 1E7A2aE4 00000036
    011F0000 1E7A2aEC 00000037
    011F0000 1E7A2aF4 00000038
    011F0000 1E7A2aFC 00000039
    011F0000 1E7A2b04 0000003A
    011F0000 1E7A2b0C 0000003B
    011F0000 1E7A2b14 0000003C
    011F0000 1E7A2b1C 0000003D
    011F0000 1E7A2b24 0000003E
    011F0000 1E7A2b2C 0000003F
    011F0000 1E7A2b34 00000040
    011F0000 1E7A2b3C 00000041
    011F0000 1E7A2b44 00000042
    011F0000 1E7A2b4C 00000043
    011F0000 1E7A2b54 00000044
    021F0000 1E7A2b58 000003E7
    011F0000 1E7A2b5C 00000045
    011F0000 1E7A2b64 00000046
    011F0000 1E7A2b6C 00000047
    011F0000 1E7A2b74 00000048
    011F0000 1E7A2b7C 00000049
    011F0000 1E7A2b84 0000004A
    011F0000 1E7A2b8C 0000004B
    011F0000 1E7A2b94 0000004C
    011F0000 1E7A2b9C 0000004D
    011F0000 1E7A2bA4 0000004E
    011F0000 1E7A2bAC 0000004F
    011F0000 1E7A2bB4 00000050
    011F0000 1E7A2bBC 00000051
    011F0000 1E7A2bC4 00000052
    011F0000 1E7A2bCC 00000053
    011F0000 1E7A2bD4 00000054
    011F0000 1E7A2bDC 00000055
    011F0000 1E7A2bE4 00000056
    011F0000 1E7A2bEC 00000057
    011F0000 1E7A2bF4 00000058
    011F0000 1E7A2bFC 00000059
    011F0000 1E7A2bFC 0000005A
    011F0000 1E7A2c04 0000005B
    011F0000 1E7A2c0C 0000005C
    011F0000 1E7A2c14 0000005D
    011F0000 1E7A2c1C 0000005E
    011F0000 1E7A2c24 0000005F
    011F0000 1E7A2c2C 00000060
    011F0000 1E7A2c34 00000061
    011F0000 1E7A2c3C 00000062
    011F0000 1E7A2c44 00000063
    011F0000 1E7A2c4C 00000064
    011F0000 1E7A2c54 00000065
    011F0000 1E7A2c5C 00000066
    011F0000 1E7A2c64 00000067
    011F0000 1E7A2c6C 00000068
    011F0000 1E7A2c74 00000069
    011F0000 1E7A2c7C 0000006A
    011F0000 1E7A2c84 0000006B
    011F0000 1E7A2c8C 0000006C
    011F0000 1E7A2c94 0000006D
    011F0000 1E7A2c9C 0000006E
    011F0000 1E7A2cA4 00000073
    011F0000 1E7A2cAC 00000074
    011F0000 1E7A2cB4 00000075
    011F0000 1E7A2cBC 00000076
    011F0000 1E7A2cC4 00000077
    011F0000 1E7A2cCC 00000078
    011F0000 1E7A2cD4 00000079
    011F0000 1E7A2cDC 0000007A
    011F0000 1E7A2cE4 0000007B
    011F0000 1E7A2cEC 0000007C
    011F0000 1E7A2cF4 0000007D
    011F0000 1E7A2cFC 0000007E
    011F0000 1E7A2d04 0000007F
    011F0000 1E7A2d0C 00000080
    011F0000 1E7A2d14 00000081
    011F0000 1E7A2d1C 00000083
    011F0000 1E7A2d24 00000084

    Im now looking at the crate under the main hall stairs, but think this is going to make one massive code list so what slot would people think be best to have as a slot mod, because i've tested it works on normal and real survivor mode.
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  18. Retroboy

    Retroboy GBAtemp Advanced Maniac

    May 28, 2015

    slot 1 = 1e7a00e4
    slot 2 = 1e7a00ec
    slot 3 = 1e7a00f4
    slot 4 = 1e7a00fc
    slot 5 = 1e7a0104
    slot 6 = 1e7a010c
    slot 7 = 1e7a0114
    slot 8 = 1e7a011c

    I will put ID Names to the values, but i think this will be better than doing each crate in the game.
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  19. ShadowOne333

    ShadowOne333 GBAtemp Guru

    Jan 17, 2013
    I think the best options would be one in each main area.
    East wing for the Mansion, one in the Residence and one in the Lab.

    Btw, the save file I sent you has a few unlocked costumes, you can use it to determine the addresses for the rest perhaps?
  20. Retroboy

    Retroboy GBAtemp Advanced Maniac

    May 28, 2015
    ill try costumes now, but if its like RE0 id have to be wearing it to get the full value
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