Changing Inputs for EZ4 on DS

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    Jul 31, 2017
    I am very new here and have been browsing for a while now over last few days trying to figure out my query, but since I have not, I am hoping to find the answer here.

    I am looking for a way (IF POSSIBLE) to change the in game inputs that the EZ4 uses from B+A to Y+B when I use my EZ4 on the DS for platformers, side scrollers etc, I'm very much used to the SNES controller and holding down Y whilst pressing B to jump, I find it hard on the DS using the B and A buttons.

    Not sure if this is possible or not but any info would help thank you!
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    it's not possible.
    you could theorically modify the firmware of the DS console to allow Y and Z input as a and b buttons, but aside from the flashme (h&S removal+nds slot2 loading) no one did theese firmware tweaks...
    ez4 runs like a real gba game, and the ds console disables\doesn't use thoose 2 buttons...

    it would be great if someone could make a tool to tweak the DS firmware.. but heh...
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