Changing game language possible on modded console?

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    I'm considering modding my 360 if it means I can play my NTSC-U games with the original Japanese dub/text so I want to make sure I understand this

    Here's two examples (taken from abgx360):

    Ninety Nine Nights - RF
    Rumble Roses XX - NTSC-U/NTSC-J

    I'm assuming RF for Ninety Nine Nights means there's only version of the game and the content/language will change depending on what region your 360 is set to.

    Also assuming that Rumble Roses is identical only between America and Japan. However it's impossible to switch languages no matter which settings you change on a non-modded console. I'm hoping with RGH you can enable switching though, so if anyone knows more about this please let me know
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    There are two types of modding

    1) DVD related. This will only allow you to play stock games compatible with your region.
    2) System level (JTAG and the RGH family of mods). These will allow out of region, game hacks and more.

    RF stands for region free and will work on any region console (save perhaps China/Taiwan but that gets odd). It does not mean there is only one version, indeed there can be many sub versions (the US for instance occasionally saw distros aimed more at the southern US and Mexico and others for Northern and French for Qubec, to say nothing of the endless amounts of European/PAL games that had many releases with one or two languages only). has various things to look at, and in this case only lists the single version of NNN.

    The language a game can come with is the same as every other system. Some will pull from the language used in the menu (region is a separate concept in 360 modding, it refers to the software lockout some games employ to stop international sales), some will give an option upon boot. Sometimes things will be baked into the game and if you want another language you get to find another region's copy of the game. I have not seen it on the 360 but in plenty of other consoles then some other language might be there but not available without mods, quite often this is Japanese that is blocked to stop the Japanese from importing and dodging the higher priced games there.

    A system level mod to allow for region lock dodging would be useful but it is not necessarily a magic bullet as you imagine it.
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    Some games will run on multiple regions, but the console affects their language.
    Japanese Ace Combat 6 uses English subtitles on a US 360.
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