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    RE-EDIT Most games work fine and I havent tested all of them yet, but now when I try to load or begin a game on Monster Hunter Tri I get a black screen with a *ERRRRRRRRRR* noise... i swear when I see him again im going to punch him

    I seem to have fixed it just by rearranging my partitions... go figure.

    The problem is that I have been using CFG Loader for a loooong time, with a dual NTFS/WBFS partition and everything was fine. A friend comes over and asks me when the last time I updated and he looks at my stuff and its all pretty old.

    Im the type where its "if it aint broke dont fix it"

    I could play all the new games that came out fine, was just playing Monster Hunter Tri.

    He decided to update my stuff and the only things he used to upgrade was:

    and the newest CFG Loader

    Now... I cant load any games off of the HDD at all, when I start a game it just says [+] Booting Wii game, please wait...

    I am hating my friend sooooo much right now, and he apologized and jumped in his car and took off.... what can I do to fix this? I havent done any homebrew stuff in a long time so.. yeah. Please help me! Any help is appreciated, thank you!