Hacking Certain Wii/Cube Games Refuse to Load!!! Please Help


Sep 22, 2006
Hi everyone,

Ive used the search bar at the top of the page but nothing seemed to come up that speicifically addressed my problem. I have a pal wiikey and use GCOS for many US gamecube games, the trouble is it loads them (it comes up with the games little logo) then when I select the Game VIdeo Mode it goes to a green screen. But this is only for some US games, others seem to work fine. THe games that dont work are Battalion Wars, Pokemon Colleseuum, Soul Caliber II and Paper Mario - also Mario Kart Wii has randomly stopped working while all my other wii games work fine! If anyone could help id be very greatful - or if i missed something and this was already discussed in another thread a link would just as good
thank you so much

btw all the games are scratch free, and worked perfectly previously. I havnt played the wii in a while so i can remember if theres some special swap thing i need to do with a GCOS multdisc... which i have - thanks

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