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    I have been playing about with CDNto3DS, using the games TitleID and my TitleKey i've been able to create a .CIA which installs and is working on RxTools's emunand and a .3DS which works on Gateway.

    However when actually building the .cia and .3ds i got the following errors

    Building mycia...
    [NCCH ERROR] Failed to load ncch aes key
    [CIA WARNING] CXI AES Key could not be loaded
    Meta Region, SaveDataSize, Remaster Version cannot be obtained

    Building my3ds...
    [CCI WARNING] Nintendo does not support CARD2 for the current MediaSize, alignin
    g save offset after last NCCH

    I presume the 3DS error is simply telling me the game (GB Virtual Console in this example) is too small to ever be an official card2 game size?

    However the CIA error sounds more serious, do i some how need to obtain the ncch aes key to do a proper job in creating the .cia?
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    If the files work then I don't see any problem.
    I think it's normal for makerom to throw certain errors because it was never designed to create these "invalid" CIA files (using null keys for encryption etc) so it's looking for a proper key to use for encryption, but doesn't have one, because no one's gotten ahold of Nintendo's retail encryption keys, we only have the encryption keys for dev units.

    Edit: I think that error occurs because something is missing in the rsf file, assuming CDNto3DS even uses one. As long as the output file works though, it's not an issue. RSF files have a section for encryption keys, which should be completely filled in to avoid such errors.
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    Thanks for the explanation, i just thought the ncch aes key might have been something i needed to obtain from my 3DS / the web.

    But as everything works that's the main thing!