card1 game to card2: can't read files

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    Aug 12, 2015
    Hey there,

    For test purposes I converted Professor Layton 5, 6, vs. Phoenix Wright from card1 to card2 format using a python script. This script was written from an advanced user here at gbatemp (sry I don't know the exact user anymore, but I think it was Asia81 who uploaded it in a thread).

    After I used the script on the games I confirmed with 3DSExplorer that the format was card2.
    But after I load the game with gateway and started it, it stops with (it seems like) an ingame message, telling me:
    "Data could not be read. Please shut down your system and re-insert the gamecard or SD Card."

    Does anybody has a solution for that problem?

    System information:
    sysnand: 9.0.0E
    emunand: 9.5.0-23E
    gateway: 3.5.1
    All 3 games are in .3dz format
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