Can't upgrade Harvest Moon Lost Valley (A9LH/Luma/N3DS)

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    For some reason, I can't get this game to update. It is installed from a CIA I made from the cart. All my other games updated without problems. When I press Y with Wireless enabled, it looks like an update is being downloaded but nothing has changed. "Buy-" and "Manage DLC" are empty and I still can only hold 50 water. (I think the update allows you to have 200 water and has a few other things to make the game suck less.) There is no error, the game just always says "an update is available." In the system settings, it says that there is something downloaded for Lost Valley that occupies 2 blocks.

    I've tried running the update 3 or 4 times and nothing changes. I made a CIA of this game and installed it on a friend's O3DS (also with A9LH and Luma, set up according to the guide) to test and the old 3ds updates!

    Is there something about A9LH or Luma on the N3DS that is preventing the game from updating? I set up both the O3DS and N3DS according to the guide.

    I know this game sucks and almost nobody likes it, but it sort of grew on me. I like how there isn't too much to do. And customizing the land is fun. (I found the H-moon games that IGN and other critics say are great to be overwhelming and frustratingly frenetic.)
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    Is there not an update for the game on the US eShop? Or you could find the update CIA on that iso site.
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    is the cia/game in the same region of the console? I have issues with updates from different region ...
    Or maybe becaus ethe cias wa sgot from the cart? maybe the unique id is not the same of an actuall cia and do not match the update or something like this I think