can't update after setting a9lh

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    Sep 27, 2015
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    well this is what happened:

    I got an o3ds XL (with 11.1) as part as a payment some days ago, so I wanted to move my emuNAND from my current o3ds (small one) to it.

    My small o3ds was still runing on rxtools since last year's october and I never used it since march so it was super outdated, so I did some research and followed Plailect's new guide to update it in order to transfer it's system to the XL one.

    everything was fine, I completed the guide, and succefully moved my emuNAND to sysNAND... or so I think.
    when I tried to update it via system settings (from 10.2) it gave me a error screen (the black screen with white text).

    any Idea? what is giving me that problem?