"Can't access microSD card"

Discussion in '3DS - Console, Accessories and Hardware' started by Nzash, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. Nzash

    Nzash Member

    Jan 4, 2016
    Gambia, The
    So I had to wipe my microsd card. Deleted all partitions, formatted it as fat32 again, put it back in the N3DSXL.

    Now all I get is "Can't display software on... Can't access microSD card" notifications.
    The 3DS itself works, I can update it, I can enter the settings and everything, but it just doesn't read the card anymore. I can still access the card just fine on my PC with a card reader though.

    What can I do here?

    Well I won't say "nvm fixed it", in case anyone ever stumbles upon this thread: You want the official SD Formatter 4 program, google it, easy to find. Only that one will help you now.
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