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    Sep 16, 2011
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    OK, so I was watching something in Multiman/Showtime when the screen randomly froze. I had to shut off the console and turned it back on. When I launched Multiman again the console just shut off with 3 beeps and a red fleshing light. When I turned it back on it said the system is corrupt and will be formatted.

    I would like to enter recovery mode, but every time I shut the console off by any means it just beeps 3 times. I know the console is not overheated because I waited a full day before trying again. There's no way it overheated while unplugged.

    I have a first generation PS3 phat, but modded to have lead balls and a cooler running power supply.

    Unfortunately, I don't have a recent back up of saves and profiles, but even if I did not all of the profiles ever went online so a full format and reinstall of firmware would mean that those saves would be locked (save resigning doesn't always work) and since the console can't go online anymore I might not be able to restore PSN games I bought anymore. So a reformat is out of the question.

    So I'm wondering what my options are. If I can't enter safe mode I can't attempt recovery options. I don't suppose there is some sort of USB toolkit that could be booted in some way? Or if I put a different hard drive in this PS3, and format it, could multiman be used to access the old PS3 hard drive via USB adapter to copy the data back over?

    Lacking any other option, and considering that the console seems to be dying, I could try using this to get data to a PC, but is there a tool yet to access the contents of a PS3 hdd in windows? and if so is there any way to get the encryption key off the hard drive so that the files could be re-encrypted for use with a new system? I mean, if the data can be unencrypted, I don't see why the encryption for two disc images can't be swapped.
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