Can I transfer a save from a cartridge to another?

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    I used to play my brother's MH4U for thousands of hrs and just bought one recently. Is that possible to transfer my save on his cartridge to mine? I tried powersaves to backup the save from his cart and restore into my cart. But every time I started the game, it said the save could not be used and formatted it. Please help me out since it's painful to start it over again. Thanks!
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    Use the Gateway Launcher to backup and restore the saves instead, Powersaves are not clean dumps, they get modified.
  3. gamesquest1

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    Sep 23, 2013
    pretty much all games use per cart encryption (only exceptions are launch titles), so the save is tied to the cart, the only way around it is if you have access to a 9.2 or lower 3DS to use savedata filer to extract the raw save files then inject them back into the other cart
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