Burn your Super Smash Bros. Brawl DVD9 Backup in Mac OS X

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    [​IMG] Burn your Super Smash Bros. Brawl DVD9 Backup in Mac OS X

    For those wondering about how to burn your Super Smash Bros. Brawl backup to a DVD+R DL in Mac OS X this info is for you. This is the same method used to burn your Xbox 360 DVD+R DL backups in OS X so if you've been wondering about that here's your answer too. Start burning those DVD9 's! There's two apps worth mentioning available from what I've discovered today.

    OSx360 on MacUpdate (Authors homepage is dead)
    Download OSx360 v1.0b4 Mirror Mirror2

    These are my settings. All I did was uncheck all the verification and stealth checks for ISO and enter the manual layer break address of 2084960.
    In the Burn window you can chose from growisofs or Apple Disc.Recording Framework. Be sure to pick growisofs.

    iBurn360 Homepage

    Download iBurn360 0.19 Mirror Mirror2

    This program is very simple and is a one window one click application. It is simply a GUI frontend for the growisofs software package. Enter manual layer break 2084960 and burn.

    Hope everything works out for you all and good luck! Thanks to the authors of growisofs, osx360 and iBurn360.