Broken Ribbon Clip

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    Sep 12, 2009
    so i've recently bought a broken ps3 (main issue was the fan wasnt getting any power).
    the other issue is that whoever tried to fix this previously, frak'd the crap out of the clip and the cable itself;


    see: left side of the ribbon-cable (shown on the right side)
    see: top of the black connector in the middle of the mobo

    the cable is clear; the left edge has been screwed... a "simple" cut will hopefully work,
    however, the clip itself has been almost moulded in, like heat was applied to the top (right) side, hence the white discolouration.
    on top of that, the pins appeared like they have been moved slightly...

    any tips on fixing this sort of thing?
    i know that many people say wedge the cable in there and hope for the best, however, with the malformed connector (black thing), there would be no connection... how whould i go about fixing this issue?

    i have dont the best i can to try to fix this... its not going to happen... its either BDB or get a new/different one.
    the blue light signalling a bluray in the drive... or whatever it actually telling you, lights up, update starts gives you a 8002f14e about 70% in... and restarts... its not going to happen...
    thanks for reading guys, but this phat aint going anywhere for now.