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    Mar 7, 2008
    Firstly I'd just like to say hi to everyone on GBA Temp, I've just started following the Wii Homebrew scene and this is by far the most helpful forum...

    After 4 hours of finding the infamous key.bin for Trucha (solely through google search to avoid getting flamed lol) I have finally got past the Error 001 for Brawl... only to have been met by the white error screen with green writing!

    I've read up on some threads and it looks like lots of people are getting this error, some people are saying it's to do with changing the Wii to 50/60hz, some saying its a bad dvd burn...

    Firstly I want to clear up a small query I have:

    There is no option to change the Jap Wii between 50/60 Hz is there? I'm assuming this is a PAL thing?
    (I have just recently unbricked my wii, so i'm not familiar with all of the settings yet, though I have found the pdf translation of the wii settings and there doesn't seem to be an option to change between 50/60Hz).

    As it is a japanes game and my wii is japanese, i'm also asuming there is no incompatibility between the actual 'game' and my wii. So this White/green error has nothing to do with 50/60Hz in my particular instance - is that right?

    I am currently in the middle of burning brawl again using image burn and setting the Layer break at 2084960 ( I will test this as soon as its done.

    So my next question is:

    Is there anything apart from the 50/60hz issue (which may not affect me?) or a bad burn that would cause the green/white error?

    Thanks in advance for you help guys.

    Wiikey (not sure what version and unable to update it - possible clone. got a new wiikey genuine wiikey but haven't installed it yet, was going to install it before i found out about Trucha)
    Wii Firmware 3.1J
    Brawl DVD9