Brawl DVD9 problem!

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  1. esteefyou

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    Feb 2, 2008
    So I downloaded the DVD5 version and burnt it on a Memorex DVD at 2x speed... Everything works fine and incredibly smooth, i didnt find any pauses on videos or crashed (excpet for subspace) like other people posted on forums

    Now for the DVD9 version, i got some Memorex DVD+Dual layer, and burnt it at the same 2x speed, but for some reason, it wouldnt boot at the wii menu screen. But finally, i tried booting the DVD5 version, then switching to DVD9 at the menu screen, and to my surprise the SSE works perfectly!

    My question is Y
    Y cant my DVD9 version boot?

    Note: I also used brickblocker for DVD9, burnt a copy, then "Forced checked the iso" on the torrent, so that I get the complete iso again, and burnt it again... both copies couldn't boot from the menu screen... I gave my friend a Memorex DVD, and he got the same problem when he burnt it too.....

    What is the problem??? and will it not boot for the NorthAmerica version too, and for all future DL games??? is it the media???
  2. enriqueiglesias

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    Feb 1, 2008
    If you are using wiikey 1.9g, there is a 99% chance that using a different media AND/OR a different burner, would solve your problem. BTW, recommended recording speeds are 2.4x or 4x.

    If you have any other modchip, specially d2ckey, there may be additional problems you may want to research.