Bought DSiWare on the wrong 3DS...

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    What do? Basically I really fucked up and made myself into more of a conundrum than usual.

    - I have two different NNIDs going on each 3DS (if I sign out then I would format my nand, which is no bueno.) However, my theory is is that if I delete nnidsave.bin I would be able to sign into my other NNID, could someone confirm this true before i do something stupid?
    - Is there possibly a way to edit the save from my N3DS (the one with the dsiware)? I'd be willing to buy another dsiware title to get it to work. I know TWLSaveEditor exists, but I read it needs another game to be bought to edit save data.

    Thanks guys.
  2. zoogie

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    Twlsaveditor can only modify cart saves. Dsiware games have their saves on nand and can only be reached with arm9 access currently.
  3. PaiiNSteven

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    Wow, really? I assumed it was only twl nand apps that did that. Ill just do a system transfer and wait a week.
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    Dec 13, 2014
    I did it with a Luma only 3DS, so it works, but you need any CFW (obviously Luma), no A9LH needed, it's just recommended