BootNTR "current firmware not supported" (n3ds 11.0+a9lh+Luma3DS)

Discussion in '3DS - Flashcards & Custom Firmwares' started by dude22072, Aug 6, 2016.

  1. dude22072

    dude22072 GBAtemp Regular

    Jun 1, 2010
    United States
    Downloaded the BootNTR.cia from v3.4 Preview 2 and I'm getting a "current firmware not supported" error when I try to launch it.
  2. Ramzh

    Ramzh I am a living meme

    Nov 29, 2014
    31 32 37 2E 30 2E 30 2E 31
    Follow this
    You will find the latest file needed for NTR and streaming
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