black screen when gameload

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    Apr 2, 2009
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    i have coverflow ( and gx nd ultimate ) none of them would load any games... i have a 3.2u with softmii and cios 36v10 and everything looked fine burned "legal" copies worked ( cioscorp installed ) but the usb wouldn't work it bugged the shit out of me and i googled and googled and went through all the forums here and wiinewz and a few other places..nothing at all as to why my screen would turn black when trying to load a game... a few people told me it was video setting and wiiconnect24 etc... to use patchmii ( which i tried with no luck ).. so i used the ultimate 4.0 upgrade guid and upgraded to 4.0u... reinstalled cioscorp and 60 and 36v10 and usb fwdr and "legal" backups still worked but the same problem when i went to load a game off the usb it would just black screen ( i also tried 36v9 and dont say its my hard drive i use the hard drive on my other wii and on my g/fs wii when i go to her house on weekends.) i finally used wadmanager 1.4 the modded one that lets you go through folders i think its sorgs mod i cant remember but i used it to manually go into the cioscorp fold and i re-installed all of the wads in the cioscorp folder and then it all just magically started working...( and yes i am sure my cioscorp was working i was playing punchout from the legal backup disc for hours on end because the usb wasn't working..)...I am just posting this to let people know in case they have a black screen when trying to load a game from usb