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  1. atafa

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    Aug 23, 2011
    I'm a bit late on this, not sure if others have posted on this topic but the new DLC is out!

    With the new perk(/s?) and the new wonder weapons and the easter egg that gives you all the perks and blows up the earth!

    If you don't know what it is its a really long easter egg that requires a lot of steps (check it out on you tube), but you knife a black egg, fill tubes with zombie souls, and you finally get to see the ghost of Samantha Maxis. She has something to to with the whole zombie story...I will be putting a post on the whole zombies story from the world at war maps to the moon maps covering everything I can think off, doing a lot of research and answering as many questions as possible. *gasp*

    So, what are your thoughts on this map?

    I don't have this map because i have a [​IMG] (a ps3) but I have seen a lot of game play from TheSyndicateProject, Yoteslaya and Ali A!
    Find the channels yourself because I'm a lazy douche.
    Plus Some Ray William Johnson to keep my entertainment level maximum...
    *speaks to himself* (I talk too much)

    So yeah what are your thoughts...
    Please let me know

    Yours Not Sincerely,
    [​IMG] 4 you!
    should that be my Sig?
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    The maps are sweet, playing them right now. Overall a nice last bang for the last Map Pack.
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