Best solution to having no hard drive

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Games & Content' started by wootbeers, Dec 3, 2010.

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    OK so a friend is giving me her old elite because she got a new one. The hardrive is missing but everything else is there. What kind of storage device works best? I want quite a bit of room for DLC and demos so I'm thinking a external harddrive over a flash drive but should I get a portable USB powered one or the ones with a separate power adapter? Also, any preferences in brands? And is there a limit to what the xbox supports?
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    you can use a normal thumbdrive
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    Mar 18, 2010
    You could get a new hard drive (a proper 360 one)

    I do know that much about external harddrives working on 360's but most work (I think)
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    The XBOX 360 supports up to 16GBs via USB Hard Drive. You best bet is to get a HDD, and a XBOX 360 HDD Enclosure and throw it on the XBOX 360.
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    The max capacity allowed through any device is 250GB via the sidecar 360 HDD. Through USB the max is 16GB. The cheapest way of getting all 250GB is to buy one of the following WD HDD's:
    - WD Scorpio Series BEVS/BEAS
    - WD Scorpio Blue Series BEVS/BEVT
    - WD Scorpio Black Series BEKT/BJKT
    - WD VelociRaptor Series
    - WD Scorpio Blue Series BPVT
    - WD AV-25 Series BUDT

    You can find one for under $50 from newegg with a case from ebay for less than $10. Use HDDhackr to format your drive, put it in the shell, and you have a brand new 250GB HDD for around $60.