Been out of the hacking scene for a while...

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Tranquil, Jan 3, 2010.

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    Can anyone answer these questions for me? I've been out of Wii hacking for a while so I'd like to know what's new.

    1) In terms of DVD loading, have their been any advancements? Can we now read backups past 3X?

    2) Do we have an updated Gamecube loader that can play games like Ikaruga?

    3) I haven't checked my Wii in a while, and I've forgotten everything I have installed on it. Is there an app I can use to see everything on my Wii that's modified, what IOSs I have, etc.?

    4) Side question, I just burned myself a perfect copy of Metroid Prime Trilogy that works on my friends Wii, but doesn't work on any of my loaders. On WiiGator Gamma002fix_r2 loader I get dvd read error 349 and on NeoGamma loader I get dvd read error 721. I think it's either I don't have something installed or I'm using outdated loaders.

    Thanks for any help~
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    Have you EVER heard of Searching, or looking at the Stickies? Only because you've been out for some while doesn't mean you can get here and open a new Topic without doing some research. Gosh, use the Serach!!!

    1) No, and will never happen. Learn how the Wii works.
    2) WiiGator has the newest one (0.2). If that won't work, then no.
    3) Start fresh with the "Modify any Wii 4.2 & below"-Topic.
    4) Ever heard the Word "Outdated"? Look at point "3".
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    Easiest way to update and protect yourself at same time is to follow zxzeros sticky guide, will give you all required IOS and brick protection, MAKE A NAND BACK UP AT THIS POINT and you could also try cioscorp 3.6 afterwards for disc channel loading =)