Been a while, can anyone still answer this question?

Discussion in 'NDS - Emulation and Homebrew' started by EpicLuigi1134, May 17, 2013.

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    It been a while since i been on gbatemp (Atleast 2 years) But,

    Has anyone figured out how to make a homebrew channel YET for DS or 3DS?

    And, is there a homebrew channel/hackwii for WIIU? (Like bootmii etc)

    Thanks, please don't rage over me for not looking it up, I need to get it from the source it self,


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    The 3DS thing has actually 3 stickies to answer that question in its sub-forum.
    There is nothing like a Homebrew Channel for DSi/3DS. You can run Homebrew from flash cards in DS mode on a DSi and 3DS (given you have a compatible card), but DSi mode was never really hacked so there is nothing that can run in it.
    As for 3DS, work is being done on it and a hacker group claimed to have gained access to the hardware, but their exploit does not work on newere firmwares and they said that they will never release their exploit. There are multiple groups trying to hack the 3DS but nothing was released so far, and nobody can really say when it will be possible to run homebrew in something other then DS mode.
    As for the Wii U, it is possible to install HBC in Wii mode, but there is so far nothing that can access the Wii U mode. I'm not sure how much work is done on hacking that, as Wii U seems to be not as attractive a target at the moment.
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