Bee Movie but instead no hugs


The One
Aug 15, 2012
netti netti.
Sri Lanka

Redittor said:
"Jerry why didn't you hug Kesha?"

"I just didn't feel like hugging! Why are people so upset?"

"Just don't feel like hugging Jerry? Jerry if someone asks you for a hug you say yes, it's a common courtesy."

"Why does that have to be the common courtesy? How come not asking for hugs isn't the common courtesy?"

"Who's gonna say no to a hug?"

"I am! I'm saying no! Just because someone asks for a hug you have to hug them?"

"It's the least you could do!"

"So anyone that asks for a hug, I am now obligated to hug. The hug is now compulsory. I have no say in choosing to hug or not to hug."

Another Redittor said:
Smart move on Jerry's part.

Ke$ha admitted in 2012 Rolling Stone interview that she would demand men entering her tour bus drop their trousers and let her take pictures of their genitals, specifically for the purposes of emasculating them.

Not the kind of person you should be making physical contact with.

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