Backup savegames before installing CFW

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    Aug 21, 2007
    Hello everybody,

    I just decided for myself, that I'd like a CFW on my New 3DS XL. I already read the guide from, and as I also have an Old 3DS with firmware 9.something, it shouldn't be a problem to install the CFW on my new one. The only thing that bothers me is that my savefiles from games bought from the eShop get lost.

    The guide on the website mentions to save the files via a save manager, but as I understood it, you already need to be able to run homebrew in order to backup the files. So I researched a bit and concluded the following possibilities:

    1. I loose my save games when I format my New 3DSXL.
    2. Wait until ntrboothax is released.

    But I couldn't really find answers to the following questions:

    1. Would it be possible to run the OoThax on FW 11.5.?
    2. If I copy the whole content of my SD-Card, which - I guess - contains the save files to my computer, install and CFW and then copy the files back on the card, would that be a possibility? As I understood it, every 3DS has a unique number so you that a different 3DS can't access the data stored on it. Does that number get changed by installing CFW?
    3. On receiving the New 3DS XL, I did a system transfer from my Old 3DS to my new one. So, the old one is basically "brand new" without any user data. In order to install the CFW, I need to do another system transfer from the Old to the New 3DS. But as there is no NNID registerd on the Old 3DS, can I just do the system transfer and then log in on my New 3DS with my already existing NNID? For, as far as I know, I can't do a system transfer from a New 3DS to an Old 3DS. That would make it too easy, though.

    The main reason for asking is my Fantasy Life-Savegame with 100+ hours. Don't really want to loose it.

    Thanks in advance for reading.
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    1. Yes if you can get homebrew working you can use JKSM to back up your saves
    2. No, after the system transfer the console will have a different encryption and the old files won't be read anymore.
    3. Yes, you'll have to format before the transfer so you'll lose all your user data. But you can log into your NNID again and redownload any bought games. And Pokémon bank etc.
  3. GreatFlo

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    Aug 21, 2007
    Thank you for your answer. I'll give it a shot then.
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