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  1. auroreon

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    I would like to know once and for all if there is any way to backup gamecube saves from a memory card.
    I have tried GCMM, NuGaSa and Gamecube Saver on the Wii and none of them have worked. I have been told this is because I am using official memory cards. So before I go and buy an unofficial card, can anyone confirm that there is absolutely no way to extract and restore saves from an official gamecube memory card and it deffinatly works with unofficial cards.
    If it cannot be done with any Wii homebrew, is there any piece of gamecube homebrew that will do it, and if there is then would running the gamecube homebrew on the Wii work?

    Otherwise, if there is currently no way to extract saves from a GC memory card, is anyone working on a way to do it? And if it is only possible with unofficial cards, is anyone working on making it work with official cards?

  2. Riley

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    Mar 9, 2009
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    ya try a different card and use GCMM. Make sure your memory card is in slot B.
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    using official cards is tricky becasue they need 100% correct timeing to access. its possible i did it onceor twice but it takes A LONG time to get it to work, 3rd party cards will work, but its not as stable as i would have liked it to be. also backing up protected saves wont be useful because you cant back them back up as far as i know because the saves store a bit of data containg the cards serial number and the block that it was saved on.