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    I have listened to quite a few books now, and I would like to know what you guys have been listening to.

    Dresden Files - what got me into audiobooks. Jim Butcher is a pretty good writer and James Marsters is a great reader. He does a great job with adapting to Dresden's personality. Action packed, realistic with tons of fantasy elements worked into the natural world. I think it might actually be classified as sci-fi because of the rigid rules that magic adheres to in the Dresden-verse.

    The Codex Alera - 6 books by Jim Butcher read by a british woman, who does a great job. The books are kinda like Avatar the last airbender (with two more elements, wood and metal) if everyone got their elemental powers from spirits... kinda like pokemon. These books are really good, highly recommended. Fantasy style coming of age story.

    Enderverse (the Ender's Game and other Orisen Scott Card books) - Ender's Game was ok, but the rest of his books were really really boring IMO. There were different readers for different characters, which was interesting but half of them were really annoying. The reader for Ender and Colonial Graft were pretty cool though.

    Halo (novelization) - Early books were ok, added some insight to just how powerful the Master Chief really is, but the later books were really where things got good. I highly suggest Contact Harvest and Ghost's of Onyx.

    The Forerunner Saga - Basically the Halo silmarillion. The history of the Halos and the Forerunners (you know, the guys that built the Halos) told across 3 books. I found them incredibly interesting.

    The commonwealth saga - Holy shit, if you like sci -fi, get these somehow. Hamilton is a very well imagined writer. He writes a solid, believable reality to let a story unfold into. The first 2 (Pandora's Star and Judas Unchained) tells the story of a disappearing star and the star flier war. The second 3 books happen 1200 years later. There are people living in what was originally thought to be an ordinary black hole. People find out what its like in there and spend 3 books trying to join them.

    What have you read, and what do you recommend?
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    Check out The Three-Body Problem, it's awesome.
    Also The Girl on the Train.
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    The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room - The only personal account of filming the wonderfully horrible movie called "The Room." Greg Sestero's autobiography as well, hearing the stories about filming, his tumultuous friendship with Tommy Wiseau, and his own struggles as an actor, bring so many good things to the book. Greg narrates it too, and his Tommy impression is amazing! Of he'd be good at it, he's probably the one who knows Tommy the most. I've listened to that 6 times now, so a 7th is coming soon.

    If Chins Could Kill - Bruce Campbell's autobiography. I only heard it once, and I'd like to give it another go. It's a great laugh, but also very candid and stretches a long period of time. It was published in 2001, right when Spider-Man came out, but the audio version I think came out in 2010. Bruce the narrator gave updates, and he said he was on the set of Burn Notice.
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