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    These last few months I have been really getting into audiobooks (also the most use the PSP has seen since I set up a PC as a bookreader for myself).

    I know some consider them to be cheating but although I am getting better (in the last two years I did better but for the five years prior I read all of one fiction book which is one I had read before as well) I am still somewhat burned out on fiction reading compared to my youth, with audiobooks I have knocked out several fiction series I had been meaning to get to for quite some time and a few more besides, I even found myself staring at the ceiling come 6am with the dawning realisation I have not slept which is fairly novel. Similarly radioplays are nothing especially new/odd to hear where a lot of people I speak to have grown up with talk radio, music radio and maybe some news and not a lot else. is possibly worth a go for some free stuff, if you are considering the paid variety then do very well and unlike most readings (many of which are still fantastic) they have a nearly full cast and sound effects/minor music. I hear some good things about similar such works in podcast world but I am not prepared to brave those waters right now.

    To that end any fellow 'tempers into audiobooks, got any they want to share or thoughts on the matter?