Are you smarter than FAST6191? - Round Number 2


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Dec 17, 2019
the 90's 💙
Curious to know if you're the kind of guy that would beat FAST6191 intellectually?
Are you bored and have nothing else to do in 15 minutes?
Just reading because you're bored?
Well, whatever it is, do this test and find out if you're smarter than FAST6191!!!

1.- What figure fits in the space marked with ?

A) Square
B) Circle
C) Triangle
D) Rombo

2.- IF FAST6191 paid 12 for beer, 15 for meat, 18 for condoms, how much did he paid for ur mom? And what's the exact amount of money spent?

3.- The following number in the following succession, 8. 10. 14, 22, 38, 42... is?

A) 48
B) 62
C) 69

4.- If F=1, A=2. S=3... T will be equal to?
A) 0
B) 4
C) B
D) 6191

5.- What number must replace the "?" symbol?

A) 5
B) 0
C) 7

6.- What's the continuation of the following picture?

A) 1
B) 2
C) 3

7.- If A+A+A+B= 50, B+A+A+B= 60, A+B+C= 90, how old is F+A+S+T?
A) Over legal age
B) He might be legal in some countries. But the FBI will watch you if you date him
C) He can't drink, but he can have a gun
D) Too old for this shit

8.- Which letters goes well with these: FA, ST, TD?

9.- How does FAST6191 spells his first name?
A) Tom
B) With his mouth
C) He's blind
D) White

10.- What color is FAST6191's Blue Profile Picture?
A) Red
B) Green
C) Whoever calls Avatar's "Profile Pictures" will be banned by p1ngpong
D) Blue

11.- What is FAST6191's real name?
A) Tom White
B) FAST6191
C) Chester

12.- When's Tom White's birthday?
A) Yesterday
B) Today
C) The day he was born

13.- Can FAST6191 speak more than one language?
A) Dónde esta la biblioteca?
B) Oui
C) Nein
D) Fish

14.- Can FAST6191 have emotions?
A) Yes
B) Ew, emotions
C) He can feel if it's big enough
D) He's a robot

15.- Does FAST6191 mom approves of the girls he dates?
A) Yes, he's good looking. p1ngpong can confirm
B) He never dates because of his speech impediment
C) No
D) FAST6191 never brings them home

16.- In a fight between Clancy and Costelo, which one would FAST6191 bet all his Crypto to?
A) Fuck Clancy
B) Costelo owes FAST6191 money
C) Wingardium Levi-osa... not Levi-OSA

17.- How many words does FAST6191 types in one minute?
A) As many as he wants
B) He can't because his speech impediment
C) 6191
D) He's still using a Typewriter because he's old

18.- Which movie is based in FAST6191 life events?
A) The Bicentennial Man
B) Batman & Robin
C) Tom White's - HER
D) Brokeback Mountain
E) Peter Pan

19.- If excesive masturbation causes blindness, what has caused FAST6191 unnusual strenght in his right hand?
A) Ban Hammering
B) Cigarrettes
C) One and a half pounds of Butter
D) Typing fucking essays in every post he makes

20.- Hey kids, what time is it?
A) Time for FAST6191 to take your mom on a second date
B) Stop it
C) Shopping
D) Dance the Macarena

21.- If FAST6191 ever decides to take uremum to a second date, where would he take her?
A) Up her ass
B) No poopoo on his peepee
C) One in the stinky, two in the pinky
D) To the Cinema
E) To home with momma

22.- What isn't available in the place where FAST6191 lives?
A) Emotions
B) Good Music
C) Animals, because he has hunted them down
D) Single women, because he has hunted them down

23.- I don't get this:
A) Neither does FAST6191
B) OP is getting banned after this
C) Yes means no, and no means no

24.- "I still can't believe what happened to poor Sp33chy" was written by:
A) Tom White
B) FAST6191
C) You just did
D) The Site's Rules and Terms of Service

25.- During his short lived poet career FAST6191 had, he was known as:
A) Tom White
B) Ice, Ice, Baby
C) The Backstreet Boy
D) Lil' 6191

26.- Tom makes a good... what?
A) Alfredo Pasta
B) Hunter
C) Tom White is just an alias
D) FAST6191

27.- If all particles in the Universe colllided into a single point, it would make a:
A) Another FAST6191
B) Mess in my pants
C) Black Hole
D) EMF Radiation

28.- If FAST6191 gets bitten by a poisonous animal he would:
A) Give a detailed explanation on what has happened to him and post it as a thread in the General Off-Topic Chat Forum
B) Scream Ouch
C) An EOF thread complaining about it's current status while remembering the Test Area
D) Cook the animal that bit him as some sort of revenge

29.- FAST6191 has a very particular sets of skills that allows him to:
A) Write extremely long posts
B) Hunt you down and kill you
C) Force tempers to read twice what he writes because he uses a more periphrastic and erudite understanding when it comes to elaborating on topics
D) Cook food everyday

30.- Are you smarter than FAST6191?
A) No
B) I think I am because he stops replying to me
C) Yes
D) What? It's this all?

Well folks... do this test and find out if you're smarter than FAST6191.
If he doesn't reply to this thread, we're all smarter than he is by default.
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