Any problems playing a burned dvd copy or an ISO from an External HD?

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by k4ever, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. k4ever

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    I just bought a Wii two days ago, and I plan to buy an external hard drive and download the required programs in order to play wii isos.
    I have been researching on the web about the difference between using burned dvd games and using an external hard drive for playing them. They say that since the Wii reads data faster than a dvd, then the dvd copies will be read "slower". What does this mean? More loading times? Slowdown during gameplay (maybe when there are too many objects on the screen)?
    Most people recommend using an external hd because its more practical. I bought the wii because I want to play games on it via online/wifi, but I'm not sure if I wouldn't have any problems by playing with an iso instead of the original game. Also, it seems most of the wii isos available for download are the PAL version, and not the NTSC-U. Will this be of any concern (maybe when playing online)? And also, it looks like the isos available for download are cutted into small files that then one has to assemble. Does this affect the gameplay in any way? Like Im playing Zelda and when I get to the point where one file "merges" with the other, sometimes the game freezes or some other funny thing happens?
    By the way, what about the quality of the game? I have a DS Lite with an acekard 2.1, and the games it has inside are same quality as the original ones ... no difference at all, so I want to know if that will be the case for the wii.
    Thx in advance for any feedback left. =)
  2. madtamski

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    Original Wii disks are read at 6x, backups are read at 3x
    Not much slowdowns for 99% of games, but there are exceptions.

    When playing a game from a WBFS (Wii Backup File System) formatted HD it gives read speeds of 6x +
    Out of region games can be played by enabling the relevant settings within the backup loader software, or if your TV can handle it, at the games native video mode (ie. Pal, NTSC).

    The ISO's available for download are generally split into smaller files as most upload sites (Rapidshare, Megaupload etc) have a max allowable filesize for free users.
    When you have all of the files, you can extract the single ISO file from the multi-file split archive.

    There are some games which call another DOL files after being loaded (think of a DOL as a Wii executable), this can cause problems with backup launchers, but a solution is to set the backup launcher to load the correct DOL.

    I'm in work just now, so I've probably missed something, or am even wrong (lol), so wait for someone else to confirm.
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