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    Jul 10, 2003
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    Ive got one of the JXD S7300 android game tablet things and its great. However, I've got a problem when running HDMI out to the TV and I cant figure out where the problem lies.

    I have a 3M HDMI lead that runs from the S7300 to the TV into a full size HDMI port. The picture displays fine, and the sound, through the rubbish TV speakers is also fine.

    However, I have an optical cable that runs from my TV to my amp. And when I try to play the sound through the amp, its constantly cutting out to the point its pointless to listen to anything this way.

    But the optical cable cant be the issue because if i switch over to the Xbox 360, which also connects via HDMI, then the sound out of my amp via the same optical from TV to amp, is perfect.

    So im thinking the optical cable must be fine. The 3M HDMI cable must be fine because its carrying a perfect picture and sound (albeit out through the TV speakers) and the Android device must be fine as it is outputting a picture and sound.

    Am i being stupid here or does anyone have any suggestions?
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