Android and IOS as primary computing devices, 2016 edition

Discussion in 'Computer Software and Operating Systems' started by FAST6191, Apr 8, 2016.

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    Over the years I have watched what people are doing with android and IOS, and phones in general but the less remembered about the WAP and JME eras the better.
    It has been particularly interesting in watching the games and stuff crowd and how things play out there.

    It started off with the browser being a nice perk but now you are a bad website if you do not support mobile actively. Though the amusing counterpoint to that is "my computer got a virus, sorry I was away for a week" has morphed into "I am only on my phone right now", or "I am on my phone right now so I will do a proper reply when I get back this evening".
    Games started out as no way, no how competitors, to grudgingly admitting they might take a few of the "I just want some games while waiting for the bus" to today where in many cases they are a competitor to the likes of the 3ds (though I would contend anything from the game, which you just lost, on up is a competitor to the piss poor effort from the 3ds as far as its library goes).
    Application wise I have installed them from everything from almost embedded devices (I messed around with old phones, raspberry pis and more, in the end a £70 special tablet made for a superior music playing device for a restaurant I deal with), to dominant computer platform for general business, a personal dominant computer platform, maybe even a sole personal computer platform, to field specific (I had a chat with a house surveyor once, he had paid out for the expensive room layout software and was delighted with the new setup), to "bloody laptop, I have not used it in 3 months because tablet and now the updates... the updates" and beyond.

    Personally I have continued to avoid the scourge of phone and tablet ownership and if you ever watch me use on it is the perfect example of in action, there are also some shockingly poor icon makers out there.

    Your thoughts, observations and opinions on how you and others use andrios in 2016, and how it might compare to previous years.
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    " I have continued to avoid the scourge of phone and tablet ownership"
    finally broke down and bought a cheap tablet
    a $50 fire 7 5th gen , still kicking myslef for not jumping on the $35 black friday deal though
    not so bad , rooted and custom rom, stock android,xposed

    runs kodi really well
    only complaint is the ghosting /image burn in on these things
    looking to pick up an android TV box next, a few actually

    they are good novelty items, i use for controlling the TV and philips hue system ,waiting for an OBDB bluetooth adapter as we speak to use with torque

    occasionally watching a movie on a tablet is ok ,gaming never

    they will never be primary computing devices , still use laptop primarily

    good for cable cutters, android TV boxes are growing in popularity and getting to a nicely useable state with kodi
    the tablet is good for controlling kodi and the tv
    i don't really see the point in doing much else with these things
    7" tablets are nice to take out of the house better than a small phone screen but i find no real practical use for them
    was considering making one into an auto pc
    do not use my IOS phone much wither outside the house besides for navigation occasional browser use and not much else
    nothing will ever replace a PC
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    I have an Android phone and a PC.
    Nothing can replace my PC. Android is very limited, but it does provide a good experience.
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    had quite a few android devices , currenty s6 fone , its an amazing device that i use for ,, not really that much .. kids have the samsung 7" thing , its in the drawer flat mostly , and the google nexus , similarly in a draw , unless we charge them for them when we nip to the pub on a sunday aft.. or maybe a longish car journey .. got an android tv box for a few yrs back , its ok for playing usb films nothing more.. dont use it no more... I do however use my work IPAD every day all day , (it could be android) just they chose ipad to lock us down i think.. used for electrical surveys on houses , use a fair bit of software ,, Amtech fasttest , excel , bespoke survey software and all the inbuilt diary and calendar , and camera features .. it is invaluable .. used to do the job on paper and its a million percent better .. couldnt do the job without it now.... would be awkward with a laptop , so in my work enviroment it is perfect..
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