Alternate servers for ps3?

Discussion in 'PS3 - Hacking & Homebrew' started by TheDarkSeed, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. TheDarkSeed

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    This might sound dumb but hear me out!

    You know how people are being banned for hacking their consoles?

    What if there was a community-run server that you could connect to.
    A server you could connect and play all your games online. even
    people with banned psn accounts would have access.

    *puts on anti-flame shield*

  2. Rydian

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    Feb 4, 2010
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    Good luck finding somebody with the bandwidth to spare.
  3. Ryupower

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    Oct 8, 2007
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    the BEST way to have a hacked ps3 and the PSN

    have 2 ps3s
    one hacked and OFFLINE
    one on OFW and Online

    just like many 360 users do
  4. lordrand11

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    Sep 21, 2009
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    The Idea is interesting in theory but not in execution it would take a lot of money to cover that amount of bandwidth. I'd say use Xlinker Kai (I don't know whether it works with the ps3 brew yet or not).
  5. Maz7006

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    Aug 2, 2008
    the Irony is people can afford having 2 consoles of the SAME kind and can't afford buying lets say the average 4-5 games a year (games worth while) - and yeah i bet most are in for the piracy not for the homebrew "scene" (as if anything really worth it exists)

    it would make more sense to actually get a 360 and PS3 and pirate just on one of them - GENIUS.

    i usually buy and keep my PS3 multiplayer games if i enjoy them, and buy all my PS3 exclusives so far (the ones im interested in that is) - 360 is there for the piracy, i admit im not helping by using pirated games, but i must say i spend much more time on my PS3 then i do on my 360, and i bet it would be the other way round if i used my PS3 for piracy and 360 for legit playing. But ultimately i choose 360 piracy over PS3 since well to ME the PS3 hosts a lot more exclusive games that I enjoy.

    this is sort of what i think about piracy, and all the issues that have happened lately (this video sums it up quite well) :