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    Firstly - I know there's a AKAIO suggestion forum @ http://www.normmatt.com/forum/ but I don't really fancy signing up to yet another Forum just for one post, so I thought I'll just post it here as I believe normatt pops in from time-to-time

    Anyway - not sure where I read it but a couple of suggestions I've seen for the next AKAIO version caught my eye & I'll like to offer a possible workaround for it

    The items were:
    > More Shortcuts
    > Make it more Child friendly - i.e. remove things like 'delete' so accidents don't happen

    Anyway, here's my suggestion

    Why not get AKAIO to create a new ini file - e.g 'Shortcuts.ini' so that when you 'create shortcut' it gets added to this file
    (you could still keep the single shortcut on the root of AKAIO)

    THEN have a seperate app (e.g. called 'Launchpad.nds') that reads this file & shows a 'Wall of Icons' (something like 'DSKiosk' or I believe "iTouch" has)

    You could get AKAIO to autorun the 'Launchpad.nds' which the kids can tap on the icon to play game (or run Mp3 player like "lmp-" etc) using AKAIO launcher(s) if necessary

    This will prevent kids from using function 'delete' etc and you can also have multiple shortcuts (the only downside I can see is the 'cheats')

    If you don't use AKAIO autorun you can still just launch 'launchpad' like a normal Homebrew, or even include a button combination to 'Start launchpad' e.g Left+Right+Start

    Within the launchpad/shortcut.ini combo - you could also have options for display purposes etc, perhaps
    "Showtext =0/1" - to show (short) text under the icon
    "IconCol = 1/2/3/4/5" - Number of icons to show across the screen
    "IconRow = 1/2/3/4" - Number of rows to use to display icons
    "IconSize= 0/1/2" - size of icon 0=small,1=normal,2=double sized

    If there's more shortcuts in the ini file than can possibly to see on screen - then it just ignores them

    Also with 'Launchpad' being a seperate program, other people could develop alternative 'launchpads' maybe with extra features.
    I don't think there'll be too much reprogramming involved for AKAIO to 'create+add to shortcut.ini when 'shortcut is selected'' (normatt will most probably tell me differently)
    - and as said anyone with programming knowledge could create a suitable 'launchpad' program that read the file

    Any comments about this ??