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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by bert02, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. bert02

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    Dec 20, 2009
    would i be able to install all the ios i dont have and keep system menu 3.2
    if i can will that let me play games off original discs that need an update

    as i dont have

    or go even further(update them to 4.2/latest (non stubbed)ÂÂbut leave system menu at 3.2?? or would u just go to 4.2 if u were going that far..? i just dont want to have to mess around with things to set it up for 4.2 etc if its gonna cause problems)
    and alot need updating (comparing them to modify any wii to 4.2 or xflak40s safe non stubbed downloaders)
    also comparing the 2
    modify any wii to 4.2 VS xflak40 has
    ios9v778 VS ios9v520
    ios14v520 VS ios14v262
    ios70 VS doesnt
    whats the better 1s to get
  2. longtom1

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    Jan 12, 2009
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    You could just install the IOS's if you wanted and stay on 3.2
  3. bert02

    bert02 GBAtemp Regular

    Dec 20, 2009
    after a month or so of not knowing what im gonna do i think ill bite the bullet and go to 4.2 ill basically be there if i update the ios

    ok just done it
  4. Nada

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    Mar 14, 2009
    Can someone explain to me why some people must update IOS manually if they stays at a low sysmenu? I am on 3.1E and just toss everything through neogamma, it 'so far' has never asked for an update and everything has run.
  5. giantpune

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    Apr 10, 2009
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    using a loader to play games skips whatever IOS the game really wants to use. so using neogamma, you wont ever get a blackscreen caused by trying to play a game with a IOS that isnt present. you just always use 249.

    but there are limitations to the one IOS that you do use for every game. so not every game works 100%. like teh part where 249 doesnt handle rockband instruments right. thats the trade off.

    on every wii there are the same slots for IOS. it doesnt matter what system menu you have. you can have 1 IOS in each slot. and you have 255 slots. sometimes there are stubs, sometimes there are older IOSes. sometimes there is nothing. the only IOS that has anything to do with your system menu is the 1 IOS that it asks for.

    when people say "update to 4.2", they usually mean "update to system menu 4.2 and install all the IOSes that nintendo meant to install with 4.2 system menu". but you can do the system menu and IOS completely independently (except for that one IOS that matters). so you can install just the 4.2 system menu, just the newest IOSes, or anything in between. if you skip something updating and you havent blocked updates somehow, you may be pestered to update by a game even though you have 4.2 menu.
  6. bert02

    bert02 GBAtemp Regular

    Dec 20, 2009
    when using retail discs they wont boot so need to update
    if ur loading through neogamma or cfg disc loader v51(52b is broken atm) its fine
    and any usb loading is fine

    the more i have a play the more i understand about it all
    in cfg loader 52b its set to use the ios the disc wanted but i was on 3.2 and didnt have the ios it required
    i figured i could but just wanted to make sure dont wnat any unnecessary bricks
    and since i basically was going to update all the ios anyway keeping system menu 3.2 would of been pointless