Action Replay DSi Problems

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    I have an Action Replay DSi Max, that I'm experiencing some problems with. I cannot backup a game save. I have a 2gb Micro SD card inserted, and followed the instructions provided with the AR. I kept getting an error message saying "Could not create SAVES folder".

    I reset the AR using the AR Code Manager software, and now that problem seems to be fixed.

    Now, when I select the "**Backup Game**" option, I get an error message saying "Cannot find Game Data". I have tried this with multiple games, and have followed the instructions step-by-step.

    Thanks in advance for any help [​IMG]
    Christopher Mims

    P.S. I hope this is the right section for this question. [​IMG] It looks like it is.

    P.P.S Does anyone know if the ARDSi Max automatically DLDI patches homebrew?