Action replay ds safe to use?

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    I wanted to use my Action replay dsi on my 3ds offline on Pokemon white , I'm not sure if it even works on the 3ds... However I'm not sure if I should try using it as last time I read Nintendo and Sony see it as 3rd party hardware and it's unsupported by them. As most of you know there is a chance we could get banned from shopping channel etc if Nintendo can detect we have used flash cards. Can anyone enlighten me if it would be wise to use an action replay on the 3ds OFFLINE. Anyone know if it even works?

    Sorry if this has been asked before I couldn't find this question from searching.
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    If it works (there's a good chance it won't) it would show up as a fake game and be logged as the game it's pretending to be, just like a flash cart.

    You run the same risks when using it as you do a flash cart. Note that this does NOT include bricking your system, but may include banning from Nintendo's wifi.
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    I already tried mine for the exact same thing, doesn't even show up that it is plugged in.