Hacking Acekard2i "System file is missing".


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Feb 2, 2011
Hello there. I'm no stranger to flashcards as I dealed a lot with them back in the day, but now I've a problem with my Acekard2i. I've formatted a 2GB microSD on my phone (not able to use a PC so soon) and put the required files for AKAIO 1.9.0 but when trying to use it on my DS Lite it displays in blue text "System file is missing".
Previously, I had used an 32GB microSD with it for years without problems (I'm now using it on my 3DSXL since I recently started using Luma3DS).
Maybe my phone formatted the 2GB microSD to an unsupported format, I don't know. Any suggestions?

Edit: Looks like my phone formatted the microSD for it's own use (probably exFAT or something else). I grabbed another microSD from my R4 that I don't use anymore and proceeded to delete everything there manually on my phone. Installed AKAIO, etc and it worked. So, in case someone else on the internet find this thread, don't bother formatting it on your phone, just delete everything manually (but it's still recommended to format it on a PC with Panasonic SD Formatter, for example).
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